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May 1st, 2016


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Talespinners Studios Ltd
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At Talespinners we provide story and narrative services for games developers, helping studios of all sizes to create or strengthen their game’s story. Whether writing and polishing scripts, crafting plot and characters, or troubleshooting scenes, we’ll work with a development team to help them create narrative, characters, and dialogue that will resonate with their players.



We were set up in 2016 by Ian Thomas and Giles Armstrong, both experienced freelancers with a long history in the industry. Our goal was to act as a story studio that would support games development teams who might not have full time writing talent. While many teams know what story they want to tell, they're not always experienced in delivering that story, in handling pacing, or in writing dialogue, and our aim was to offer them that support.

Initial Development

Over the next two years, Talespinners worked on over 40 projects, across all sorts of genres and platforms, with a variety of writers and different clients. In 2018, we waved goodbye to Giles, who left to join Guerilla Games as a Senior Writer. At that point the company changed, expanding to become a co-operative of freelancers.

The Present

The company is headed up by Ian, Matt Gibbs, Chris Tihor, Cash DeCuir, and Michell Clough. These five partners write, design and produce much of the company's work directly and act as editors and project managers for any subcontractors. We work with a range of associate writers who we call in when we need help, or when we need a particular skillset. Along with games writers, we have award-winning authors, comic book writers, screenwriters, copywriters and editors on our books.


We're working across a wide variety of genres and platforms - console, PC, handheld, mobile, VR, AR, live game, escape room, TV, and film! Here are a few of the titles where our involvement has been announced:


Spring 2019 Teaser YouTube

Amnesia: Rebirth YouTube

Assemble With Care YouTube

Minute of Islands YouTube

Avo! YouTube

The Spectrum Retreat YouTube

Mosaic YouTube

The Siege and the Sandfox YouTube

The Bunker YouTube

Bloody Zombies YouTube

Talesinger YouTube

Burden of Command YouTube



There are far more images available for Talespinners, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Disco Elysium wins three BAFTAs, including Best Narrative" - BAFTA Games, 2020
  • "My Child Lebensborn wins BAFTA in the Game Beyond Entertainment category" - BAFTA Games, 2019
  • "My Child Lebensborn awarded Best Narrative" - Tap Tap, 2019
  • "The Spectrum Retreat shortlisted for Best Writing in a Video Game" - Writers' Guild of Great Britain, 2019
  • "My Child Lebensborn shortlisted for Best Storytelling" - Pocket Gamer Awards, 2019
  • "Talespinners shortlisted for Best Creative Outsourcer (Visual + Development)" - Develop Awards, 2018
  • "The Bunker shortlisted for the BAFTA Cymru Games Award 2017" - BAFTA Cymru Awards, 2017
  • "The Bunker shortlisted for Best Writing" - Develop Awards, 2017


  • "Being just a two-person studio, working with Talespinners has been invaluable to us. From brief to delivery they're professional, friendly and punctual. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on them to create high-quality writing that adds an extra dimension to our game, allowing us to focus on the art and code."
    - Dave Miller, Co-owner, Runner Duck Games
  • "I was surprised at how fast [Talespinners] were able to complete the task of going through the text for My Child Lebensborn and with minimal direction. I also really appreciated the analysis that was done on the game. It was a very interesting and helpful read. I really feel that the quality of the polish was improved greatly."
    - Catharina Bøhler, CEO, Sarepta Studio
  • "When you develop a game, you need a great writing team, and that is where Talespinners are indispensable. They are able to take your ideas and create whole worlds with them. From the initial idea all the way to final delivery, I wouldn't trust any other wordsmiths."
    - Mark Drew, CEO, Villainous Games
  • "Decisively creative. Insightfully articulate. Committed to the craft. For example, Ian’s recent advice decisively reshaped our critical opening narrative moments to make them deeply affecting... [Talespinners] are consistently responsible, reliable, and efficient."
    - Luke Hughes, Project Lead, Burden of Command
  • "Talespinners quickly grasped our concept and were immediately able to work it into a captivating and inspirational story. Whenever an issue with the narrative came up, Talespinners were always quick to respond and promptly came up with solutions."
    - Mostafa Hafez, CEO, Instinct Games
  • "Giles and Ian did a brilliant job of understanding our requirements and delivering a great story bible for us to work with as we went through pre-production with our coop VR RPG ‘Raiders of Erda’. The staged approach to feedback and iteration between their team and ours meant that we got exactly what we were after and we can’t wait to continue working with them as the game now goes into full production! Thanks guys!"
    - Simon Barratt, Director, Cooperative Innovations
  • "It was a pleasure working with Ian on The Bunker, he has an expert eye for game design detail and an incredible talent for bringing real humanity to storylines. His logic in game narrative structure is flawless and he brought an amazing attention to detail to The Bunker, providing layer after layer of storytelling, making the game richer and more immersive."
    - Allan Plenderleith, Director, Splendy Games
  • "Talespinners have been wonderful to work with; enthusiastic, imaginative, and organised. I thoroughly enjoyed our story meetings. They’ve delivered excellent dialogue and plenty of strong ideas that have lifted our narrative, and spotted story problems early that might have resulted in wasted work. Even if you have a good handle on your story, I would recommend bouncing your ideas off Talespinners – they’ll come back even better."
    - Chris Payne, Managing Director, Quantum Soup
  • "We had a rough and sprawling story and lore for The Exiled that organically developed over years of development. Ian came and turned that chaos into a structured and coherent document, in the course solving the many logical problems and inconsistencies that had developed. With tiny amounts oversight and feedback from our side he came up with an interesting lore and turned that lore into engaging words. Will work with him again on future projects."
    - Alexander Zacherl, Managing Director / Game Director, Fairytale Distillery
  • "Working with the guys at Talespinners was a very straightforward, creative and collaborative experience. It took very little conversation to get on the right track and move forward with some excellent narrative and conversational dialogue being written. We worked together on RAID: World War II by Lion game Lion, which has a complex VO structure. Talespinners grasped this very quickly and we went on to write some great dialogue in character. We hope to have a working relationship with Talespinners for some time to come."
    - Arash Amini, Producer, Lion Game Lion
  • "Ian doesn’t just do the job you give him. He brings new ideas, new approaches and directions, and pulls, sculpts and batters your ideas until they look far shinier than they ever were - or would have been – without him. He is an excellent writer, coder, and logical mind that will help you and your project in far more ways than what is written on any contract or agreement."
    - Olly Bennett, Managing Director, Cardboard Sword


Ian Thomas - Partner and Founder
Writer, Narrative Designer, Coder, Director

Chris Tihor - Partner
Writer, Game Designer

Matt Gibbs - Partner
Writer, Editor, Game Designer

Cash DeCuir - Partner
Writer, Game Designer

Michelle Clough - Partner
Writer, Editor, Game Designer

Jason Marchant - Associate
Writer, Creative

Rachel Thomas - Associate
Live Game Designer, Producer

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